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GU-81M (original box)

46,00 $
Russian GU-81M generator pentode tube. Power amplification and generation of high frequency oscillations with an output power of more than 700W


38,00 $
Russian tube G-811 output power triode. Powerful amplification, great sound! Equivalent: 811A


29,00 $
Gazotron GG1-2/5 designed for rectifying AC current in rectifying devices with an anode current of up to 2A at a voltage of no more than 5kV


190,00 $
Huge, rare Russian tube triode GM-100 1.1KW audio single-ended amplifier

TR1-5/2 (original box)

Original price was: 79,00 $.Current price is: 60,00 $.
High voltage TR1-5/2 Thyratron Tube continuous operation to operate in rectifier and relay devices up to 2kV


Original price was: 240,00 $.Current price is: 190,00 $.
Russian triode tube GU-5B generation and amplification of HF oscillations at frequencies up to 110MHz with an output power of at least 3.5kW