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1,40 $
Socket PL31A-P for Nixie Tube: IN-12, IN-15 and VFD Tube IV-22. Material - bakelite, original


29,00 $
Socket PLK7-1 COLLET silver contact, ceramic base. Very Rare. UNIQUE PRODUCT! For vacuum tubes: 6S33S, 6S33S-V, 6S18S, GI-30, GMI-6, GU-32, GU-29 and similar


7,90 $
Tube socket PL30-2P bakelite, original. For tube dekatron A-101, A-102, A-103, A-106, CRT tube 8LO29I and similar

PL27-1PD Socket Nixie Tube

2,50 $
Socket PL27-1PD for nixie tube: IN-8, IN-2, IN-5 and dekatron A-107,A-108, A-109. Metal fastening clamp. base: RSH-27

PLK7-E55 / B7G

2,25 $
7-pin socket PLK7-E55 (B7G) for tube: 6J3P,6C4P, 6Z4, 6AK5, 6K4P, 5654W, EF95, 6F32, 6069, 6J38P, EZ90, 6Z31, 6X4, EAA91, EC92. Сeramic, with aluminum shield

PLK7-E46 / B7G

2,25 $
7-pin socket PLK7-E46 (B7G) for tube: 6J1P,6C4P, 6Z4, 6AK5, 6J2P, 5654W, EF95, 6F32, 6069, PM05, EZ90, 6Z31, 6X4, EAA91, EC92 and etc. Сeramic, with aluminum shield


9,90 $
Tube socket PL3-1PD37 bakelite, original. For tubes like 6S33S, 6S33S-V, 6S18S, 6S41S, GI-30, GMI-6, GU-32, GU-29, 829B and similar.


6,00 $
Tube socket PL24SH-2K MAGNOVAL ceramic. For tubes like: 6KG6, SK509, EL509, 6P36S, 6P41S, 6P42S, 6P42S, 6P45S, 3C22S, GP5 and similar.